The complete photo guide to collectable models

THIS is not the usual kind of book that you read and then put aside, never to look at again.

If you are interested in obsolete electronics for historical reasons or just plain nostalgia, in here you will find a lot of practical information, with names, dates and descriptions to help you recognize and enjoy products that made consumers electronic history.

In particular here you will find:

  • an illustration of every single Sinclair product ever made
  • a complete list of Sinclair products in chronological order
  • technical details and assembling instructions for many Sinclair products
  • advertisement reproductions from the magazines of the time
  • inside information on Sinclair history
  • a complete bibliography

Sir Clive Sinclair has sent the following letter (extracts):

Dear Mr.Tedeschi,

... I would like to say how astonishing I found your book. It is so remarkably complete and will be a great help to me ...

Best wishes

Sir Clive Sinclair

SINCLAIR ARCHEOLOGY the complete photo guide to collectable models

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