Guy Ball

Historical calculators collector

Who is Guy Ball?

Guy is co-founder of the International Association of Calculator Collectors and co-editor of the International Calculator Collector, its quarterly journal. Guy has been collecting and researching the history of portable electronic calculators for over 13 years. He is a technical writer and lives in Southern California with his wife and two children.
He is co-author, along with fellow collector Bruce Flamm, of the The Complete Collector's guide to Pocket Calculators, a complete reference book on early portable electronic calculators, which was published in April 1997.

"I have a long way to go on my journey to have "one" of every portable/pocket electronic calculator ever made. We estimate there are about 3,000 different models from the "Golden Age of Electronic Calculators" - 1970-1978. I would appreciate your help in my quest.

"I collect calculators primarily with an "LED" or "tube-type" of display. Both types "light up" when powered on -- usually in red, blue, green, or orange. I'm not interested in the modern LCD (liquid crystal) type of display (silver-grey background with black numbers) that are used in most calculators made today. There are a few early 1970-era LCD display models that I collect - ask me if you have questions.

"I have most models from Texas Instruments, Sears, Lloyds, Unisonic, Rockwell, Sharp, Canon, and Casio.

"I do want pocket or portable electronic calculators from the following companies:

Abatron, Adler, Adman, Advanced Electronics, Anita, Aristo, Binatone, Boots, Braun, Brother, Busicom, Calfax, Caltronic, Candle, Citizen, C. Itoh, Colex, Columbia, Commodore, Crown, Dataking, Decimo, Dictaphone, Dixon, Facit, General, GIC, Hanimex, Hewlett Packard, Iain Jones, Ibico, JC Penneys, Kingspoint, Kovac, MBO, MITS, Master, Melcor, Netronics, Omron, Ordibel, Panasonic, Peripheral Magnetics, Philips, Pico, Plustronic, Prinztronic, Pye, Ragen, Regan, Royal, Sanyo, Sinclair, Sperry, Summit, Tealtronic, TEC, Teknika, Toshiba, Universal Data, Verax, Victor, Vito, etc. This is a partial list. There are probably other companies I am interested in.

"I only collect portable models -- those using replaceable or rechargeable batteries. They don't have to work. I would like them in good to better condition. I don't care about the AC adapters.

"Please contact me if you have any such calculators. If you want to sell them, let me know the make, model number, and condition (with missing parts). If you'd like to donate it to the "Guy Ball International Calculator Resting Home," please let me that also. (I would be very grateful and I could add a few more dollars to my children's college fund.)

"Also, for our continuing documentation of the history of calculators, I need information on calculators made in countries OTHER than the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. If you know of companies making models in Europe, Africa, South America, or ??, please let me know.

Thank you!

Guy Ball
P.O. Box 345; Tustin, CA 92781 USA
email to: or

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