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Electronics Icons™ is quite simply
the best and most comprehensive electronics history and industrial heritage picture service available today.

Why? Because we have the most fantastic collection of electronic items depicting the history and the impact that the electronics inventions and developments have had on our life and our behaviour in the past century.

From crystal and valve radios to Tv sets, from portable transistor radios to home consumer's electronics, from personal computers to electric vehicles we actually have the best historical items from the past Century in our stores (four garages full!).

We collect Electronics Heritage products and supply pictures of the most significant, first, last, smallest, largest, most innovative, most important and the best designed product in its field. We have the first valve radio, the first transistor radio, the first Japanese shirt pocket radio, the smallest loudspeaker radio, the first IC radio, the smallest pocket TV set, the first microprocessor, the first pocket electronic calculator, LED watches, the thinnest radio, the first home computer to be sold for less than 100.00, the first Walkman, the first CD player, the first Minidisc recorder, the first MP3 player, the first PDA, the first flat screen TV, the first electronic calculator, the first digital camera and many many more (have a look at our "firsts" section).

And because we have the actual memorabilia at hand we can shoot the picture the way YOU want and need. Alternatively choose among the hundreds of pictures in stock. If you require them in a reasonable resolution we can deliver them via email instantly or we can put them on a CD for next day delivery. No more waiting for that picture you needed yesterday. All formats covered = state which one (Mac, PC, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PICT, BMP, EPS, PHS etc.).

As we are also collectors, if we don't have what you want, we are bound to know somebody who does.

Visit us on the Internet at http://www.electronicsicons. com or ask for our free demo CD with hundreds of sample pictures for you to browse from.

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phone (01273) 701650 / mobile 07790 728235
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