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Sinclair Memorabilia
in the Electronics Icons™ collection

We have lots and lots of Sinclair items and info in our collection. Some of the items we have are listed here:

1958 (November)Article: The micro-midget pocket portable (Practical Wireless magazine)
1959Book: Practical transistor receivers, book1
1960Book: Transistor superhet receivers (Transistor Receivers Book 2)
1960Book: Transistor circuits manual No.2
1960Book: Eleven tested transistor circuits using prefabricated circuit unit (Transistor circuits manual No.3)
1961Book: Transistorized Test Equipment and Servicing Manual
1961Book: Practical Transistor Audio Amplifiers for the Home Constructor
1962Book: Transistor Audio Amplifier Manual
1962Book: Modern transistor circuits for beginners
1963Book: 22 tested circuits using micro alloy transistors
1963 (February)MAT 100Early badged transistor
1963 (February)SlimlineTransistor radio
1964Micro 6Transistor radio
1964X-10Hi-fi pre and amplifier
1964Micro FMTransistor radio
1966Stereo 25Hi-fi preamplifier
1967MicromaticTransistor radio
1968IC-10Integrated circuit
1969Z12Hi-fi power amplifier
1969PZ4Power supply
1970System 2000Stereo FM tuner
1970Stereo 60Preamp control unit
1970Project 60Stereo amplifier
1970PZ6Power supply
1970PZ7Power supply
1970PZ8Power supply
1970Z40Amplifier unit
1970Q16Badged loudspeaker
1970IC-12Integrated circuit amplifier
1972DM1Digital multimeter
1972 (September)ExecutivePocket calculator
1973 (August)CambridgePocket calculator
1973 (November)Executive MemoryPocket calculator
1973project 80FM tuner
1974Cambridge MemoryPocket calculator
1974 (March)ScientificPocket calculator
1974Cambridge UniversalPocket calculator
1975Gillette GPA model PC-1Pocket calculator for USA
1975 (March)Oxford 100Pocket calculator
1975 (March)Oxford 150Pocket calculator
1975 (March)Oxford 200Pocket calculator
1975 ?Oxford 300Pocket calculator
1975 (August)Scientific programmablePocket calculator
1975DM2Digital multimeter
1975 (November)Black watchLED watch
1976Black watchLED watch (grey)
1976Oxford Scientificpocket calculator
1976MicroquartzCar clock
1977Cambridge (pregnant) programmablePocket calculator
1977SovereignPocket calculator (black)
1977SovereignPocket calculator (stainless steel matt)
1977SovereignPocket calculator (gold)
1977SovereignPocket calculator (silver)
1977PDM 35Digital multimeter
1977PFM 200Digital frequency meter
1977MTV1 Pocket television
1977Mon1A Pocket monitor
1978 (Autumn)MTV1B Pocket television
1978EnterprisePocket calculator
1978PresidentTable calculator
1978President scientificTable calculator
1978DM 235Digital multimeter
1978DM 350Digital multimeter
1978PDM 2325Digital multimeter
1978SC 110Portable oscilloscope
1978DIY wrist calculator
1978MK 14Computer kit
1979Enterprise programmablePocket calculator
1980ZX80Micro computer
19811-3K Ram Pack ZX-80 Memory expansion
1981ZX81Micro computer
1981ZX-81 memory expansionan amazing 16K !
19812700 Flat screen prototype
1982Timex-Sinclair TS/1000Micro computer (similar to ZX-81 but with double the memory, 2K !)
1982Timex-Sinclair TS 1500Micro computer (expanded ZX-81 in a Spectrum case)
1982Newbrain (Grundy)Personal computer (related)
1982 (23 April)Spectrum 16k (issue1)Home computer
198248 K memory expansioninternal and external (we have both)
1982Spectrum 16k (issue 2)Home computer
1982Spectrum 48kHome computer
1982ZX printerthe official one for ZX-81 and Spectrum
1982Timex Sinclair printerthe official one in the USA
1982ZX Interface Ito drive microdrives and serial peripherals
1982Microdriveused the same tape cartridge later used by the QL
1982Interface IIto connect up to two joysticks to the Spectrum. Also for ROM cartridges
1982ROM cartridgeswith various programs
1983Timex-Sinclair T/S 2068Home computer
1983FTV1 prototype Flat screen pocket TV wooden prototype
1983 (September)FTV1 Flat screen pocket TV
1983FTV1 flat screen Flat screen tube
1984QLPersonal computer
1985Spectrum +Home computer
1985FM watchFM Radio watch
1985Spectrum+128kHome computer
1985book: The Sinclair story
1986Sir Clive autograph
1986short video of Sir Clive at ZX microfair
1987Spectrum +2 (Amstrad)Home computer
1987Spectrum +2a (Amstrad)Home computer
1988Spectrum +3 (Amstrad)Home computer
1988Sinclair PC200 (Amstrad)Personal computer
1988Spectrum +3a (Amstrad)Home computer
1984Sinclair C5Electric tricycle
1987Z88 (Cambridge Computers)Laptop computer
1992ZIKEElectric bicycle
1997ZETA IIElectric bicycle power pack
1997X1Earphone radio

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