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Television sets
in the Electronics Icons™ collection

We have several vintage TV sets in our collection. Some of the item we have are listed here. However, while we have some examples of floor standing consoles and of table top sets, most of item in our collection are portable sets
Click on names to see a low resolution picture:

- Pilot TV-37 = the first television set to be sold for under $100.00 (c.1947)
- Bush TV12 = the classic bakelite set of the 50s (as seen in dozen of TV transmissions)
- Murphy V410 = typical 405 standard British set.
- Perdio Portorama = early British portable.
- Philco H2010 Safari = first portable TV ever (1959)
- Crown CTV-12S = typical of the second generation of Japanese portables.
- Sony TV8-301W = the first direct view transistor portable set on the world market (May1960)
- Sony TV5-303W = the smallest, lightest, transistor portable Tv set at the time (May 1962).
- Sony TV4-203UW = the original 4" Walkie-Watchie.
- Sony Watchman FD-10B
- Sony Watchman FD-210BE = flat screen from Sony.
- Sony FD-240BE = another flat screen TV
- Sony FD-20AEB = another flat screen TV (May 1984)
- Sony FD-250B = an unusually shaped palm TV
- Sony Watchcam FDM-404A = there was a TV version with the same shape/case called Watchman.
- Sony TV9-306UB = (portable 9" TV which also appeared on the cover of Beatles' Sergent Pepper album).
- Standard SR-V307 = one of most important representative of the "upright" type portables.
- Panasonic TR-1001S = smallest portable mustistandard Tv set with radio.
- Panasonic TR-1010P = later version of the above.
- Casio TV-200 = the smallest B/W pocket TV set ever made
- Casio TV-60 = one of the smallest B/W pocket TV set ever made (with AM/FM radio too!)
- Realistic 16-7051 = Made for Tandy-Radio Shack (it looks like made by Casio to me). Backlight.
- Citizen 06TA = quality B/W pocket set with backlight accessory.
- Sinclair MTV1 = first multistandard pocket Tv set ever made (1977)
- Sinclair MTV1B = European only version of the above.
- Sinclair FTV1 = Flat screen mustistandard pocket TV (kindly donated by Sir Clive Sinclair).
- Sinclair 2700 = Flat screen pocket TV prototype (mockup)
- Sinclair FTV1 wooden prototype = kindly donated by Sir Clive Sinclair.
- Sinclair Mon 1A = uses the same case and Telefunken CRT of the MTV1.
- Rigonda = Russian made transportable
- Vega 402 = Russian made transportable

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