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How many hours have you lost (and paid) online waiting for welcome pages to download only to find out that you weren't really interested?

Here you will find a list of selected related sites we have visited and you can preview their front page (within our site) in order to decide if you would like to go and have a look or not.

They are in no particular order but all have something to do with the history of Electronics and technology. Please feel free to send us your comments and to suggest additions or subtractions to this list.

Thank you for your interest.

Here we go (please use the [<- BACK ] button of your browser to come back to this list):

British Sites
- = British Vintage Wireless Society = The official site
- = They organise all sorts of UK computer fairs for all sorts of computer standards
- = The site of the National (British) Vintage Communication Fair = if you are only able to go to one show make sure it is this one
- = Peter's Vintage Radio Daze!
- = Paul's Radio Museum
- = Vintage Radios UK
- = Valve Radio repair and restoration + Valve data CDs
- = Vintage Radio Emporium
- = Jonathan Warburton-Brown's Vintage Wireless Collection
- = Retro Radio = another collector from Brighton!

American Sites
- = The M31 galaxy of Transistor Radios = Bob Davidson's fantastic site.
- = Antique Radio Classified = THE antique radio ads magazine.
- = The site of arguably the most famous transistor radio collector in the world = Eric Wrobbel
- = Classic Radio = a fantastic American vintage radio site.
- = The Slide Rule Trading Post = Slide Rules ads and info.
- = International Association of Calculator Collectors = Mainly LED Calculators.
- = Phil's Old Radios = The mother of all Old Radios' sites.
- The Classic Typewriter Page = typewriters a go-go.

Japanese Sites
- = if I only had to save ONE LINK (for the classic desert island challenge) I would choose this one = it's fantastic!

Italian Sites
- = THE Marconi Association site = hear Marconi's voice!
- = Radionostalgia = The first Italian Old radio website on the Net.

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