Old radio etc. books + magazines + newsletters etc.

One of the best things that could happen to your passion for old radios etc. is a subscription to an old radio (or whatever) magazine. Here are the leading ones in the world:

-> 405 Alive (about collecting old Tv sets, programs and test cards)
-> Radio Bygones (with an accent on military and valve radios)
-> The Radiophile (mainly valve radios)
-> Antique Radio Classified (THE leading ads magazine in the USA and the world)
-> Transistor Network (Only transistor sets)
-> Antique Radio Magazine (Beautiful Italian magazine with some English text)
-> International Calculator Collector (just calculators)
-> Glass Audio (for vacuum tubes audio enthusiasts)
-> Transistor Radio Collector (Just transistor radios)

-> Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society
-> The Old Timer's Bulletin (from the AWA, American Wireless Association)
-> BOllettino / NOtiziario = BONO (Bulletin of the Italian Association AIRE)
-> Historically Brewed (magazine of the Historical Computer Society)
-> Australian Computer Museum Society Newsletter (They are not answering! If anybody has any info please contact me)
-> Michigan Antique Radio Club (MARC) Chronicle

However for more permanent and comprehensive info you should have one (or more) of the following books:

BOOKS (in print)
-> Radio! Radio! THE bible for British sets collector
-> Old Television THE basic television book
-> Frank Murphy, A first class job! more about the man than the sets
-> Prospero's Wireless a P.P.Eckersley biography
-> The History of Roberts Radio small interesting volume
-> Radio Manufacturers of the 20's 3 volumes (THE book for early American sets collectors)
-> Sinclair Archeology (for collectors of Sinclair memorabilia)
-> Collector's guide to Transistor Radios second edition (the title says it all)
-> TRANSISTOR RADIOS: A collector's encyclopedia and price guide
-> The Portable radio in American life (valve and transistor)
-> Collector's guide to Pocket Calculators (The only one of its kind).
-> Sound and Vision Yearbook 1996/97 (hundreds of British and USA sources and addresses)
-> Guida del Radiocollezionista (smart guide for Italian collectors)
-> Collector's guide to Antique Radios (for American sets)
-> Collector's guide to Novelty Radios (for all those "funny" shaped sets)
-> Le Radio Popolari (for German, Italian and British wartime civilian receivers, in Italian)
-> Jim Clark's E.H. Scott Radio Collector's Guide 1925-1946
-> Breve storia della radio (in Italian but with lots of photos)
-> Epopea della Radio Epic History of Radio (bilingual: italian/english) All about Marconi adventure
-> Made in Japan Just beautiful photos of transistor radios (no data)
-> Zenith Royal 500 Transistor Radios Labour of love on "Owl Eyes" pocket radios
-> Marconi in London (an historical tour)
-> 90 anni di Trasmissioni nell'Esercito Italiano bilingual (Italian/English) book with many colour pictures

It could also be useful if you could dig into some of these but, unfortunately, they are out of print:

BOOKS (out of print)
-> Marconi Patents 1896-1901 (all the original Marconi patents)
-> Collector's guide to Transistor Radios (first edition with all different pictures)
-> Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios (first edition with all different pictures from the second edition)

send in YOUR scans to build a great database!
-> American
-> British
-> French
-> Italian
-> Japanese

-> 1956 Lafayette Radio
-> 1959 Allied Radio
-> 1960 Allied Radio
-> 1977 Edmund Scientific
-> 1978 Edmund Scientific

-> 1960 Transistor radio Industry in Japan
-> 1962 Japan Electronics Buyers Guide

To add to your vintage electronics knowledge and culture you might want to look out for these:

-> 1923 Godfrey Phillips How to make your own wireless set
-> 1909 Lambert & Butler Wireless Telegraphy (Guglielmo Marconi)
-> 1923 Sunripe Cigarettes Wireless Telephony (Guglielmo Marconi)

-> Brooke Bond TeaInventors & Inventions
-> LiebigProdigi della T.S.F. (Guglielmo Marconi history)
-> Chocolate Guerin-Boutron Les Bienfaiteurs de l'Humanite' = Guglielmo Marconi card
-> Liebig (Swiss stock cube manufacturer) Guglielmo Marconi (in Italian)
-> Wand Confectionery LimitedGuglielmo Marconi card
-> L'Italiana (insurance company) Guglielmo Marconi photo
-> Leonhardi (ink and water colours manufacturer) Guglielmo Marconi school timetable

-> 1974 Marconi birthday centenary official Italian L.500 silver coin
-> L.2,000 official Italian banknote (current)
-> L100 official Italian coin (current)

-> 1995 L.850 postal stamp (Italian)
-> 1996 41p postal stamp (British)
-> 1996 60p postal stamp (British)
-> 1996 Marconi's first wireless message centenary first day issue

-> Guglielmo Marconi

-> Greek Marconi card
-> Marconi telephone cards: Italian, French, South-American and Vatican City.

-> 1913 Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. share certificate (blue)
-> 1913 Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. share certificate (orange)
-> 1931 Baird Television Ltd. share certificate
-> 1970 Philips N.V. share certificate

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