Guglielmo Marconi

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Guglielmo MARCONI did not, of course, "invent" radio. Nobody ever does invent anything from scratch as each "invention" is the consequence of many previous discoveries and researches (in this case especially those done by Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, Lodge, Righi and Tesla). Besides he can only be regarded as having "invented" (in 1896) wireless telegraphy as radio, as we know it, only became possible with the invention of the amplifying valve (1906) and the possibility of modulating a signal over a carrier wave (which happened later).

However he must be considered as the most important single person who contributed in a decisive way to take the "invention" out of the laboratories and put it in everybody's life. In this sense he is really the "inventor" of a new way of thinking and of transmitting intelligence. Radio has really changed this century and the way we all think and relate.

Marconi had a vision and managed to realize it against all odds. He is, perhaps, one of the last "romantic" inventors in that, as public belief likes to portray inventors, he battled against nature's difficulties and human prejudices making his success a true epic adventure. His popularity (notwithstanding his fascist role) is assured in history by his conforming to what people expect from a hero and an inventor.

But instead of boring you with the usual epic history which began with the famous gunshot on the hills of his father's villa in Pontecchio (to signal the first reception of a wireless signal by the estate factor) until his death in Rome in 1937, I have thought of dividing his life according to his relations and to illustrate this, as much as possible, through pictures and photographs. In this way it will be possible to discover his role and get to know the man and his achievements through the people and the places around him.

So here we are:

Guglielmo Marconi
the complete photo guide for historians and collectors

- Foreword

- Chronology

- Introduction

- Marconi relatives: mother, father, brother, daughters, cousin etc.

- Marconi women: Josephine Holman, Inez Milholland, Beatrice O'Brian, Cristina Bezzi-Scali etc.

- Marconi men: Rosa, Righi, Solari, Preece, Fleming, Binns, Popov, Edison, Branly, Kemp, Paget, Wyvyan, Round, D'Annunzio, Mussolini, Hertz, Tesla, Campbell, Heckersley, Bell, Franklin, Eccles, Gray, Isted, Erskine Murray etc.

- Marconi patents

- Marconi priority of wireless invention

- Marconi places (with plaques & maps), in Italy, in London, in GB, in the world: Pontecchio, Bologna, La Spezia, Oropa, Londra, Eaglehurst, Pool, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight, Poldhu, Mullion, St.John's, Glace Bay, Electra House, Chelmsford etc.

- Marconi in London (an historic guided tour):

- Marconi homes Pontecchio, Bologna, La Spezia, Firenze, London, Roma, Poole, London, Eaglehurst, Bournemouth, Glace Bay,

- Marconi factories Chelmsford, Genova, London etc.

- Marconi ships: East Goodwin lightship, Carlo Alberto, Lusitania, Republic, Titanic, Elettra etc.

- Marconi companies: factories, logos, Marconiphone man character

- Marconi products: early experimental, commercial, domestic, valves, medical, radar, TV, communications, miscellanea

- Marconiphone schematic diagrams 1922-1929

- Marconi ephemera: licences, passport, letter of presentation, letters, diary, menus, magazines etc.

- Marconi scandal:

- Marconi and fascism: Mussolini, D'Annunzio, wars, Vatican connection, appointments, funerals

- Marconi memorabilia: postcards, stamps, pictures, shares, coins, cigarette cards, other cards, articles, autographs, exercise books, menus, leaflets, posters, signs, newspapers, magazines, bust etc.

- Marconi achievements: invention, first journalistic report, first paid message sent by Lord Kelvin, first radio factory, first radio school, first programmed radio transmission, first experiments on ships, radar, Marconitherapy etc.

- Marconi honours:

- Collecting Marconi stuff:

- Marconi collectors:

- Marconi museums:

- Marconi curiosities: death rays, car accident, Marconi's eye etc.

- The infamous GEC-Marconi archives tentative sale

- Marconi bibliography:

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