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Guglielmo Marconi in London

(an historical tour)

Come to London and visit some of the places that made Wireless and Radio history.

Radio has changed this century and the way we all live and think. Just imagine what today's society would be like without radio: airplanes, ships, broacasting, television, mobile telphones; they would all have problems. At the end of last century Guglielmo Marconi helped us to achieve what we now take for granted.


  • the house where Marconi lived when he first came to London (1896)
  • the place of his early experiments and first demonstrations
  • his first official broadcasting place in London (1922)
  • the beginning of the BBC (1922)
  • the office Marconi used to rent
  • the hotel where he used to live

GUGLIELMO MARCONI IN LONDON (an historical tour)

  • 40 pages / A4 format
  • a fully illustrated book
  • Written by a collector for historians and collectors
  • an easy 3 miles walk through the places that made Wireless and Radio history
  • Publisher: HOVE BOOKS in Brighton
  • Author: Enrico Tedeschi
  • ISBN: 0 9527883 1 4

Price: 5.00 plus 1.00 post and packing (USA $12.00 including air mail delivery)
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Enrico Tedeschi,
54 Easthill Drive,
Brighton BN41 2FD,

You might like to have a look at the itinerary of the tour which you can indeed do by yourself.

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