Our Mission

Or purpose of this site as they say in the UK

Hello from Brighton, United Kingdom, part of this Digital World.

We aim to make this site the European site for Old radios enthusiasts and to bring together the International collecting community.

We will look at the hobby of radio collecting more from the social side of the history of Electronics in general and of the radio in particular, but we'd like to discuss and appreciate the commercial side and the design of electronics products through the ages as well.

Radio has changed this century. The web is going to change the next. So we need to look at old radio history, design and industry with DIGITAL eyes. The world of 2000 is going to be a digital world and the fact that we like old technology does not mean that we cannot use to-day's tools to enjoy it.

In this site you will not find dazzling graphics and fancy drawings which take hours to download and, once you have seen them, don't leave any trace in your culture and memory. We would like this to be a useful site, one full of information you can use and that will make your hobby or your interest grow and develop. A site that will make you come back often for the news, the calendar, the data and the information. (See how this site is made).

As we all know how frustrating it is to wait for loaded pages to download and so we have made the choice of letting YOU have the power to ASK for the pictures or the photos in the understanding that if you don't, you still get the full text.

Hope you will like it. Come back soon.

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