Things to do

in the

International Vintage Electronics Museum

In the Museum it will be possible to:

- Listen to today's radio on a 1922 crystal receiver

- See videos of Marconi's life, restoriation of Vintage sets, transistor collecting, story of Sony etc.

- Operate a vintage (1933) valve set

- See Marconi autograph

- Read newspapers with the news of Marconi's first transatlantic transmission (1901)

- Consult one of the largest collection in the world of Marconi Books, magazines, ephemera and literature

- Make a telephone call on a vintage 1923 candlestick telephone

- Watch 405 Tv transmission on a bakelite Tv set (1950)

- Operate a spark transmitter

- See a Tesla coil in operation

- Listen to a genuine Edison phonograph in action

- See a collection of Novelty Radios

- Record and listen to your own voice on a wire recorder (1949)

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