Vintage & classic TV sets

in the International Vintage Electronics Museum, Hove, UK

- Pilot TV-37 = the first television set to be sold for under $100.00 (c.1947)
- Bush TV12 = the classic bakelite set of the 50s (as seen in dozen of TV transmissions)
- Murphy V410 = typical 405 standard British set.
- Perdio Portorama = early British portable.
- Philco H2010 Safari = first portable TV ever (1959)
- Crown CTV-12S = typical of the second generation of Japanese portables.
- Sony TV8-301W = the first direct view transistor portable set on the world market (May1960)
- Sony TV5-303W = the smallest, lightest, transistor portable Tv set at the time (May 1962).
- Sony TV4-203UW = the original 4" Walkie-Watchie. 
- Sony Watchman FD-10B
- Sony Watchman FD-210BE = flat screen from Sony.
- Sony FD-240BE = another flat screen TV
- Sony FD-20AEB = another flat screen TV (May 1984)
- Sony FD-250B = an unusually shaped palm TV
- Sony Watchcam FDM-404A = there was a TV version with the same shape/case called Watchman.
- Sony TV9-306UB = (portable 9" TV which also appeared on the cover of Beatles' Sergent Pepper album).
- Standard SR-V307 = one of most important representative of the "upright" type portables.
- Panasonic TR-1001S = smallest portable mustistandard Tv set with radio.
- Panasonic TR-1010P = later version of the above.
- Casio TV-200 = the smallest B/W pocket TV set ever made 
- Casio TV-60 = one of the smallest B/W pocket TV set ever made (with AM/FM radio too!)
- Realistic  16-7051 = Made for Tandy-Radio Shack (it looks like made by Casio to me). Backlight.
- Citizen 06TA = quality B/W pocket set with backlight accessory.
- Sinclair MTV1 = first multistandard pocket Tv set ever made (1977)
- Sinclair MTV1B = European only version of the above.
- Sinclair FTV1 = Flat screen mustistandard pocket TV (kindly donated by Sir Clive Sinclair). 
- Sinclair 2700 = Flat screen pocket TV prototype (mockup)
- Sinclair FTV1 wooden prototype = kindly donated by Sir Clive Sinclair.
- Sinclair Mon 1A = uses the same case and Telefunken CRT of the MTV1.
- Rigonda
- Vega 402
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