How to Order

To check today's exchange rate please goto:
I now accept payments in Euro!

To order please e-mail (, telephone (01273 701650), mobile (07790 728235) or write to me (54 Easthill Drive, Brighton BN41 2FD, UK) and I will reserve the item(s) for you, pending your payment.
To pay you have several choices (in order of preference):
  1. Pay via Paypal (preferred as it is quick, fast and free) and you can use your credit or debit card or even your bank current account. Currency is only in American dollars. To proceed NOW please click on the logo underneath
  2. To pay in British Pounds please use
  3. Send me a Personal cheque drawn on a British Bank (either in British Pounds or in dollars)
  4. Send the money (in dollars) via Western Union with an online service like
  5. Give your Bank instructions to transfer the amount of the value of the order into my current account with my Bank: First Direct, Millshaw Park Lane, Leeds, LS98 1FD, U.K., account # 40179698, sort code 40-47-81
  6. Send me a Postal Money Order (in British Pounds or in American dollars)
  7. Send me a Bank Money Order in British Pounds or dollars (for example American Express)
  8. Send me a Certified Bank Cheque in British Pounds or dollars (ask your bank)
  9. Send me an Eurocheque in British Pounds, dollars or in Euro (ask your bank)
  10. Send me a Traveller's cheques in British Pounds or in American Dollars (for example American Express)
  11. Send me cash in a registered letter (not recommended)
  12. Send me a proposal for a trade or swap (I am just a collector and I'd rather swap and trade than sell. I collect anything to do with Marconi, SONY, early small shirt pocket transistor radios and small pocket TVs, historic home computers, Sinclair stuff, crystal sets etc.)
If in doubt about the delivery charges send what you think to be reasonable and I will let you know of any difference after I have sent the parcel.
References I am well known in British, Italian and North American collecting circles and, although I do not carry a Royal Charter I can supply references in either countries.

IN DOUBT ? Ask me!

NOTE: These are collectors sets and sold for their importance in the history of electronics and design and I do not test them for their working conditions. However, if this is important to you, I will test them (most of them seem to work straight away anyway). Accessories are not included unless expressly mentioned.

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