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SINCLAIR RELATED BOOKS and MAGAZINES from all over the world


- Sinclair Archeology by Enrico Tedeschi, published by Hove Books, 1986

- The Sinclair Story by Rodney Dale, published by Gerald Duckworth & Co.Ltd., 1985

- Sinclair and the Sunrise Technology by Adamson and Kennedy, published by Penguin, 1986

- Sinclair Database by Adams, Beardsmore and Gilbert, published by Big Brother Publishing, 1984.

- Fire in the Valley by Freiberger and Swaine, Osborne/McGraw-Hill,1984

- The personal computer handbook by Varley/Graham, 1983

- The personal computer book by Robin Bradbeer, 1982

- Practical Wireless magazine, various issues

- Practical Electronics magazine, various issues

- Everyday Electronics, various issues

- The Radio Constructor, various issues

- Radio & Electronics Constructor, various issues

- RER, Radio and Electrical Retailing, various issues

- A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers by Mier-Jedrzejowicz, self published in 1995

- International Calculator Collector Journal, Issue #7, Fall/Winter 1994

- Historically Brewed, magazine of the Historical Computer Society

- Sinclair User, various issues

- Sinclair Programs, various issues

- Sinclair Projects, various issues

- Sinclair User annuals

- ZX Computing, various issues

- SYNC, various issues

- Timex/Sinclair User magazine, various issues

- ORDI-5, various issues

- Interface, various issues

NOTE: Most of these books are out of print and the magazines are a sort of gone out of fashion. If you really want them desperately the best source is the "comp.sys.sinclair" newsgroup.

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