The Magic of SONY

(for Historians and Collectors)

If you have ever been fascinated by the extraordinary way in which SONY managed to start from humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful consumer corporations in the world, then this book will tell you about:

• SONY's early years

• SONY's struggle to make their own transistors

• a complete list of SONY historical radio sets

• a picture of every single collectable SONY products

• a history of SONY WALKMAN

• a list of Museums and collectors

• a comprehensive illustrated bibliography

The Magic of Sony (for historians and collectors)

  • 150 pages / A4 format
  • over 500 pictures
  • written by a collector for historians and collectors
  • a complete illustrated catalogue of all SONY collectable
    products including transistor radios
  • backed by 42 years of research

Price: 20.00 plus 8.00 post and packing in Europe (USA $47 including air mail delivery. Ask me how to pay from the USA). PAYPAL ADDRESS : ENRICO@BRIGHTON-UK.COM

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Enrico Tedeschi,
54 Easthill Drive,
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