Sony transistor radio list

all the collectable Sony tr sets produced from 1955 up to 1963
(in chronological order)

More details can be found in the The Magic of Sony book which is out NOW.

TR-52April 1955??production aborted due to front grille ungluing problems
TR-55August 1955?18,900first Japanese and first Sony transistor radio. Rear earphone socket and small metal catches on rear cover. 5 transistors superheterodine
TR-2September 1955?5,7002 transistor earphone only set also supplied in a building kit
TR-33October 19552,91612,6003 transistor earphone radio. Modern superheterodine circuit
TR-57? 1955??5 transistor set, similar to the TR-55, 22.5 volt battery (!)
TR-7October 1955??7 transistor table top radio
TR-72January 195640,00023,900transportable wooden cased set, also branded GENDIS
TR-72MA and MBMarch 1956??similar to the TR-72, made especially for the Tokyo MITSUKOSHI department store
TR-5April 19563,68218,900similar to the TR-55 but with side earphone socket and no metal catches on back cover
TR-6June 195634,09817,500transportable set, very slim and elegant. Possibly the first Sony set to use the revolutionary MITSUMI polyvariable tuning capacitor
TR-81December 1956??to be used in NHK schools
TR-71? 1957?? 7 transistor transportable set
TR-10? 1957??10 transistor table top set
TR-73February 19571,126?25,700table top model
TR-63March 1957114,53613,800first Japanese real shirt pocket. The one who set the world's standard.
TR-66May 1957?12,800trasportable set. Cabinet resembling the one of the TR-6
TR-82June 19572,41223,500?
TR-61July 195713,15412,800coat pocket set
TR-62August 195715,31813,800World's first transitorized 2 band (MW and SW) coat pocket
TR-74November 195713,76621,500portable MW and SW. Similar cabinet to the TFM-151 but with plastic grille (front and back)
TR-67November 195714,99012,300coat pocket set
TRC-64December 19571,50019,900Clock table radio
TR-741January 195815,05519,900?
TR-83April 195816,00013,500?
TR-69April 195815,00011,000large shirt pocket set
TR-77May 19585,000?coat pocket set
TR-88May 195853,97016,500portable set with MW and SW
TR-608July 195876,000?coat pocket set made for the American distributor Delmonico and Canadian distributor Gendis
TR-65August 195810,0038,800Well designed shirt pocket
TR-75August 195837,03911,300coat pocket set
TRM-88September 19583,50516,500like TR-88 but with marine band
TR-151 / TR-152? 1958??possibly the first FM transistor radio ever made. Cabinet similar to the TR-74 but with metal grille (front and back). TR-151 later renamed TFM-151
TFM-151November 1958??possibly the first FM transistor radio ever made. Cabinet similar to the TR-74 but with metal grille (front and back)
TR-610November 1958436,95210,000The most representative of all transistor radios. THE one by which all others are judged. Metal golden grille. Three way wire handle
TR-510??8,0005 transistor version of the TR-610. Metal silver grille
TR-710December 195829,99412,900Stylish coat pocket with MW and SW
TR-712December 1958103,9909,300table top radio
TR-86January 1959100,28710,300Not so popular shirt pocket
TR-711February 195913,99416,900MW/SW table top model with wooden cabinet
TR-881April 19592,995??
TR-881AApril 1959??Export only model
TFM-122?1959??Another table top radio
TR-84May 1959?11,800super sensitive coat pocket set with expanded tuning dial
TR-810July 1959119,9739,300popular stylish coat pocket. Very slim cabinet
TR-710BOctober 1959124,99211,500similar to model TR-710. Turn-out stand under bottom of cabinet
TR-714November 1959245,93810,800Extremely popular SW/MW shirt pocket radio. Possibly world's first. Detachable (screw) and retractable (telescopic) antenna
TR-712BMarch 1960?11,000another table top model with plastic cabinet
TR-7120LMarch 1960?11,0007 transistor table top model with plastic cabinet
TR-812April 1960?18,0003-band portable with slow/fast tuning dial and battery/tuning indicating instrument
TR-814April 1960?15,0008 transistor, 3-band portable
TR-813May 1960?13,900super sensitive coat pocket set. BC/SW
TFM-121? 1960??very popular AM/FM portable set with telescopic antennas recessed in handle
TR-716BMay 1960?10,300coat pocket set
TR-620June 1960?6,800the successor of the TR-610
TR-630August 1960?6,300clean line 6 transistors shirt pocket
TR-609August 1960?6,900economical coat pocket set
TR-815BSeptember 1960?12,200?
TRW-621November 1960?10,000glamorous shirt pocket with built-in Seiko watch
TR-624December 1960?7,200unusual desk radio
TR-623? 1960?? shirt pocket set based on the TR-620 circuitry
TR-719December 1960?16,9007 transistor, 4 band, table top radio
TR-724December 1960?9,000rare horizontal shirt pocket
TR-725December 1960?8,600pleasant MW/SW horizontal shirt pocket with twist-out stand
TR-730December 1960?7,300diminutive shirt pocket set
TR-6080? 1961??coat pocket set
TR-6081? 1961??coat pocket set
TR-717BJanuary 1961?9,800table top radio
TR-7170B? 1961?9,800 7 transistor cordless table top radio
TR-6090?1961??economical small coat pocket set. Made in Ireland
TR-720July 1961?9,300 AM/SW small coat pocket set with swing out foot
TR-816July 1961?12,500MW/SW coat pocket radio, supersensitive
TR-614L?1962??MW/LW 6 transistor coat pocket radio, supersensitive
TR-727February 1962?9,8007 transistor, two band coat pocket, multipurpose radio
TR-729May 1962?8,800?
TR-7350L?1962??7 transistor portable set, made in Ireland (Shannon)
TR-818May 1962?9,800coat pocket set
TR-819June 1962?11,0008 transistor, two band coat pocket set
TR-910June 1962?16,000?
TFM-105JJuly 1962?21,000?
TRW-625July 1962?9,800cute watch radio
TR-910TSeptember 1962?16,000BC/SW coat pocket set with fine tuning
TR-650October 1962?6,300the last of the historically collectable shirt pockets
TR-817October 1962?9,400hight tech looking shirt pocket with tuning indicator
TR-911November 1962?21,000big AM/SW receiver
TR-722? 1963??Extra Wide 4 band portable radio, 7 transistor, MW/SW with fine tuning.
TR-726January 1963?12,5007 transistor, two band cordless table top radio
TR-820March 1963?9,800coat pocket set
TFM-95? 1963??9 transistor, 3 band, AM/FM/LW portable
TFM-95L? 1963??AM/FM portable
TFM-951 ? 1963??AM/FM portable
TR-751 ? 1963??7 transistor MW coat pocket
TFM-951JMarch 1963?19,500AM/FM portable
TR-731April 1963?8,300AM/SW sort of horizontal TR-650
TR-750? 1963??nice round dial coat pocket
TFM-96JApril 1963?12,500clean looking AM/FM coat pocket set
TR-821April 1963?12,500?
TR-733May 1963?8,800?
TR-732April 1963?9,500?
TR-820AMay 1963?10,300?
TFM-825JNovember 1963?9,900AM/FM shirt pocket set
TR-826May 1963?7,200Shirt pocket set with slide rule type tuning dial
TFM-116JNovember 1963?23,800Portable MW, LW and VHF, 11 transistors
TR-615L?1963??6 transistor shirt pocket with MW and LW
TR-719?1963??traditionally styled transistorized home radio, 4 band.
TR-729Y?1963??7 transistor coat pocket set with MW and SW

More details can be found in the The Magic of Sony book which is out NOW.

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