Vintage VideoNews™

The first video-zine on the subject!

We have done it again !

From the same stable who brought to you VINTAGE NEWS (the first and still the only e-zine on the subject on the Internet since the First of January 1997) we are pleased to announce the new Video-zine which will be known as

Vintage VideoNews™

We aim to cover in direct video line on the Internet the world of Vintage Electronics events and news and to give you the latest info on WHAT is happening, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and WHO is making it happen. We will cover exhibitions, swapmeets, rallies, publications, auctions, lectures etc. and generally all the news worth knowing. One day all the best site will have a video channel as we are implementing here from Monday the 14 June 1999 Mondays to Fridays. The transmission will start at five minutes after six o'clock in the evening (18.05) UK time and will last approximately 10 minutes. After the broadcast there will be a friendly discussion (chat).

This time has been chosen as the British telephone tariffs drop to an acceptable level after 18 hours and most people come back from work (in UK, of course) at about this time. For us the implementation of free local evening calls from Localtel has meant that we will have more resources to put into production instead than into British Telecom pockets. This does not mean that if you live overseas you might not like to connect all the same at YOUR (convenient or unconvenient) time. Thank you for supporting us.

How will it work?

We will be transmitting via the iVisit standard. If you would like to be able to receive our transmissions and also to partecipate to the subsequent chat you will have to do the following:

a) Goto the iVisit website ( and download the program suitable for your computer (any operating system, any browser).

b) You then register with the system following the instructions given with it.

c) You then wait for 6.00 pm (British time, everyday except weekends) and connect to the Ivisit network.

d) You will have then to enter the ROOMS where you will find the Vintage VideoNews one. Enter the room. If you don't want to slow things down for everybody please switch your video and audio broadcasting capabilities OFF (leave the receiving ones ON!).

e) Broadcast will then start at about 6.05 (UK time). You are kindly asked not to interrupt during this time.

f) At the end of the broadcast everybody will have a chance to speak and make their own comments. The chat will go on until there is somebody interested in it. That's all.

N.B. To be able to be seen and talk you will need a camera (for example the Connectix one) and/or a microphone (the Connectix camera has an integral microphone). However if you don't have a camera you will still be able to see and talk with us but you will not, of course, be seen by the other visitors.

Please stick with us and you won't regret it.



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